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Sachchade FOOD PVT. LTD

pioneers in ready to fry food for the Indian palate


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Sachchade Food Pvt Ltd is a market leader when it comes to “Ready-to-Fry” food. We believe in increasing the efficiency in cooking. We are pioneers of snack pellets that are not only consistent but are also quick to prepare. While most of the current products falling in this category are manufactured keeping in mind western tastes, SFPL stands out by developing recipes customized specially for the Indian palate.






SFPL belives that although mankind has advanced in terms of food recipes but it has yet to make any significant advancement in cooking. SFPL is spearheading a revolution which will not only change food industry but the way food is being cooked in India.

Our Team

Team Sachchade

SFPL is spearheaded on the path of success and glory by keen and insightful business minds. The core team has been the guiding force responsible for many noteworthy achievments made by SFPL so far.

Shri Rajivkumar S. Sachchade

Shri Rajivkumar Sachchade is associated with Satkar Stores since 2009. He was became partner in January 2011 Before joining Satkar Stores he was successfully running the fast growing chain of grocery stores under the name of Sagar Traders. He has successfully built various regional brands in the snacking products category He handles different functions of the company including production planning, procurement, logistics, quality control and new product introduction. He is also one of the partners in Satkar Food & Beverages, Patan, Gujarat, since Aug, 2011.

Shri Chintankumar S. Sachchade

Shri Chintankumar Sachchade is with Satkar Stores since 2009 and was appointed as partner in April 2011. Prior to this he was working with Satkar Provision Stores since 2003. He is also one of the partners in Satkar Food & Beverages, Patan, Gujarat since August, 2011. He handles different functions which includes production planning, procurement and logistics.

Shri Satishkumar M. Thakkar

Shri Satishkumar Thakkar was a proprietor of Satkar Stores from 2008 to Dec 2010 and after conversion of the proprietor firm into Partnership firm in January 2011 he became partner in the firm. He also holds the proprietorship of Satkar Provision Stores since 2001. Additionally, he is also the proprietor in Sparsh Food & Beverages, Patan, Gujarat since April, 2010. He handles the overall functions and marketing activities of the company.


Organization Structure

At SFPL we have a well defined heirarchy system and irrespective of position, each key person is assigned a defined work profile. Our robust system is the key factor behind our success.